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Coolsculpting at Aestheticare Medspa KC!

Hi babes, happy Wednesday! Talking about all things coolsculpting today and I am so excited to share! I got the procedure done last Tuesday at Aestheticare Medspa KC in Leawood! They had a body event…

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The perfect gift with thegiftcardshop.com!!

Hi guys!!! Today’s post is going to get you in the mood to do some summer shopping for yourself and want to gift shop for someone else! Get ready!! The important question is….Have you revamped…

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Cancun Travel Blog!

Hi babes! Today’s blog is all about my recent trip to Cancun, Mexico! This post has been highly requested. It was an absolute dream and I have to share all the details because I got…

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Papa John’s New Double Cheeseburger Pizza!

Hi friends!! I hope you all had a great week. Today I’m partnering with Papa John’s to share the new Double Cheeseburger pizza. One of my favorite cheat day meals is pizza and when I…

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Night time routine with Oralgen!

Before I started using Oralgen I was very skeptical about whitening my teeth. I usually never whiten my teeth anymore because I had bad experiences in the past but after trying Oralgen I don’t ever…

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