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Coolsculpting at Aestheticare Medspa KC!

Hi babes, happy Wednesday! Talking about all things coolsculpting today and I am so excited to share! I got the procedure done last Tuesday at Aestheticare Medspa KC in Leawood! They had a body event where you could watch live demos of services they offer and I was their Coolscultping model! Such a wild experience having people being able to watch and ask questions while the procedure was being done. It was very cool concept and I got to talk and tell people exactly what I was feeling!

I’ve wanted coolsculpting done for a long time. My weight is constantly fluctuating and my lower stomach has always been a problem area for me. Aestheticare is one of the only medspas in Kansas City that offers the Coolsculpting Elite machine so I was very excited to give it a try!

When I arrived, Krissy, had to take some before photos of me. Isn’t she the cutest? She had me stand in this little black tent and took photos of my abdomen from every angle so I can look at the results after and see what a difference the procedure made! After pictures she marked my stomach for the machine and took me out to get started!

CoolSculpting delivers very long-lasting results based on it’s ability to destroy your existing fat cells. Once fat cells die off, they’re gone for good!! How cool is that? This means areas that undergo a CoolSculpting procedure will have fewer fat cells forever! Some clients need 1-2 treatments so I haven’t decided if I will be getting another one but you’re able to see results in 3-4 weeks and right now i’m on week 2 and so excited!

Coolsculpting Elite Machiene!


Let’s chat about the procedure and how it felt! As soon as I laid down she stuck a gel onto my stomach and hooked the machine up over top. When it starts it feels like your in a bucket of ice literally..it’s a little uncomfortable for about 10 minutes and then goes completely numb. My session on my lower abdomen was for 45 minutes but depending on what area of your body you’re getting done this could last longer. They have Netflix on tv’s you can watch but I just messed around on my phone and it went by pretty fast!

Once my treatment was done they took the machine off and that was probably the most uncomfortable part. All the blood rushes back to that area and I was uncomfortable for about 2 minutes. While you lay there they take another machine and break up the frozen fat cells. This was also not fun but it wasn’t unbareable and doesn’t take long at all for them to do! You will be uncomfortable for a little bit after the procedure as well. I took tylenol and had a few minor cramps for the next week.

It’s recommended that you maintain a healthy lifestyle when getting this done. So continue to work out, drink lots of water and eat healthy. I will be keeping you all updated on instagram with my thoughts on my results and if i’ll be getting another treatment in 6-8 weeks! Stay tuned. Thanks so much for hanging out with me today. Leave your questions below! Check out AesthetiCare down below!


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