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Cancun Travel Blog!

Hi babes! Today’s blog is all about my recent trip to Cancun, Mexico! This post has been highly requested. It was an absolute dream and I have to share all the details because I got a ton of messages while I was there to share my experience with traveling during covid. First thing I want to say is I felt very safe. This was my first time ever traveling to Mexico and everything from the airport to transportation to staying at the resort felt very clean and sanitary! Everything was constantly being cleaned and sanitized the entire time.

Some helpful tips: As soon as we arrived at the Cancun airport we had to go through security again before getting our bags. On your way out of the airport do not buy anything, do not stop to talk, just keep walking until you get out those sliding doors and can find your bus to the resort. TRUST ME! This is something I learned from Youtube videos as I was preparing to leave. The airport is full of people trying to sell you things and they will waist your time or scam you!

Secrets Playas Mujeres Golf and Spa Resort

Hands down Secrets Playas Mujeres Golf and Spa Resort was one of the best resorts I’ve ever been to!! Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!! The staff was extremely nice and constantly going above and beyond to help in any way that they could. They also were constantly sanitizing everything around the resort and made things feel very safe during our stay! We stayed there for 4 days and 3 nights and it was the perfect amount of time to experience everything the resort had to offer. The next time I go back I will make time to go for 5 full days! Just so I can have a couple more days on the beach. Another really awesome thing is Dreams Resort and Spa is right next door and you are allowed to go over and enjoy their amenities as well! They have an awesome spa, great restaurants and a water park! Dreams is also a kid friendly resort and perfect for family vacation.

When we got to the resort we were greeted with champagne. It was exactly like what you’ve seen on tv and the movies! As our host got us checked in we decided last minute to upgrade our room to the Junior swim out! WHY NOT we’re on vacation, right?! This room had 2 beds and a private swim out pool! There are lots of room styles to choose from but this is one I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! We only had to pay an extra $90 to have our own pool. That to me was a steal. This trip was for my friends wedding and my birthday so me and my mom were ready to go all out! The staff also decorated our room with some birthday treats and free champagne which was absolutely amazing!

Our second day we rented these beautiful cabanas for the entire day! They were super affordable and we were able to come and go as we please through out the day without worrying someone would take it. The view was absolutely incredible. It over looked the lower half of the resort and you can see the tiki huts, volleyball courts and most importantly THE BEACH! Highly recommend renting these for at least one day during your stay. The cabanas are extremely limited though so my advice would be to plan ahead and talk with the concierges to reserve them as soon as you can! These are by the pool as well so you can easily get up and have access to the pool at anytime. If you end up not getting a cabana with ocean view there are beach chairs with great views and more cabanas all over the resort too! We also went down to the beach and they had chairs lined up right infront of the water. I love all inclusive because you were served right at your chair there too! SO AWESOME!

This photo was taken at sunrise and the view was gorgeous!

72 hours before you leave you have to take a Covid test. They make sure you test negative before leaving the resort. The United States requires a negative test before you can return home. The resort provides free covid testing so that made everything easier and we were able to schedule it as soon as we checked in! The entire process was super easy. My entire vacation was an absolute dream and even more than I ever imagined it to be. If you ever get the chance to go Secrets resorts are incredible to stay at. You will not be disappointed!!


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