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Papa John’s New Double Cheeseburger Pizza!

Hi friends!! I hope you all had a great week. Today I’m partnering with Papa John’s to share the new Double Cheeseburger pizza. One of my favorite cheat day meals is pizza and when I tell you this one is so good! You’re going to LOVE it! I almost ate the entire pizza by myself!

Nothing better then having a much needed pizza night and watching Christmas movies! This is the perfect idea for your family during these times since we can’t really go out to a restaurant! Simply order in and order with Papa John’s! The Double cheeseburger pizza and Papadia are freaking delicious y’all! 10/10 would recommend! Try them before they’re gone! They’re only available until December 27!!

Use code VICTORIA25 for 25% off regular menu price online orders through 12/31/21!


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