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Night time routine with Oralgen!

Welcome back loves!!! Today I have some really exciting news! Serious question for you.. Do you have a night time routine? Advid coffee drinker here, if I don’t have atleast 2 cups a day something is wrong. I know I’m not alone on that one! Haha. Since I drink so much coffee my teeth have always been a priority for me! I just recently added in whitening my teeth twice a day with my Oralgen teeth whitening kit and I am LOVING it! Do you whiten your teeth? Let me know in the comments below!

Before I started using Oralgen I was very skeptical about whitening my teeth. I usually never whiten my teeth anymore because I had bad experiences in the past but after trying Oralgen I don’t ever think I’ll use another brand! I’m addicted to say the least!

The kit comes with 2 tubes of teeth whitening gels, a LED light and teeth whitening pen! The process is so easy! Highly recommend. Click the link below to get your kit ordered today!



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