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Basic Invite Holiday Cards!


Hello friends! Happy Saturday! Christmas is right around the corner! This is honestly my favorite time of year! I am so excited. I cannot wait to spend some quality time with my family! This time of year is all about giving. So, let’s talk about christmas cards. Usually I am the last person to do everything. I am always rushing around to get my christmas cards out on time and christmas shopping done! Is anyone else like this? I don’t know why I cant get my life together! Well if you are the same as me I want to introduce a website to make your life easier. Basic Invite  !!! It is a website that can make your life sooo much less stressful this time of year! Trust me.

If you’re like me you love everything about the holidays, exspecially sending out your christmas cards!! Basic Invite let’s you customize your cards and have a variety of options!! The BEST part is… IT’S SO SIMPLE! I hate when I go to make my christmas card and I can’t figure out how to do it on the website. Basic Invite makes it so easy! You choose color, font, add your own pictures and customize just about anything else you can think of! 

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows you to have the ability to order a printed sample of your actual christmas cards! That way you can see exactly how it will look before placing your actual order! They offer over 500  happy holiday cards designs! And they offer an awesome address capturing service that will allow you to share a direct link to your social media to request friends and families addresses! They have so much to offer and make sure to use holi30 for 30% off your order! I hope you love them as much as I did! Thanks so much for reading babes! XOXO Victoria.


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