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Hydrafacial at Bare Med Spa!

Hey guys! Good morning! Today I am going to talk about my hydrafacial I got with Bare Med Spa! A local med spa in Leawood, Kansas! So first I want to start off by saying this was my second time getting a facial! My first facial was the dermaplane facial and I have an entire blog post on my experience and all the benefits so make sure to check that out!

So let’s talk about the hydrafacial! First of all, my skin felt amazing after! Like I was shocked at how smooth, fresh and glowy my face looked. This is a good beginner facial! It’s good to get if you don’t have much of skincare routine or if you’ve never had a facial before!

This facial is great for extracting impurities and bad stuff out of the skin and infusind vitamins back into the skin! During the facial they will cleanse and exfoliate the skin using a glychloric peel! If you’ve never had a facial before like I said this would be a good one to try! Make sure to check out www.baremedspa.com to get all the information on what facials they offer and a consultation to see what’s right for you! Thanks so much for reading! XO, Victoria.


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