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MVMT Watches

Hey Friends!! I hope you all had an amazing weekend! I am so excited because today I am the opportunity to collaborate with a company called MVMTwatches! I absolutely love the product they sell. The quality is amazing and they have such a good variety of styles for men and women!!

The watch I’m wearing is called the Beverly Marble! I died when I saw it because I love anything marble, it’s kind of ridiculous! I have a marble chacuterie board, marble wine rack, marble watch, marble earings lol… Im just a sucker for marble anything…clearly. I love the sleekness of the structure and the gold makes it look so luxurious. Is sleekness even a word? Well you know what I mean. It looks fancy! It’s a neutral grey color that can go with any outfit so it is definitly worth the investment!

The glasses I have on make me feel like Beyonce! Do you all know that feeling? When you put something on and you feel like you can conquer the world. Well, that was me today. *que the slow-mo bay watch scene* Anyways, I’m getting off topic, back to the glasses. The style is called Savage! They come in 3 colors and I love the wide frame. They fit so perfectly on my face. If you all love my watch or my glasses just use code: VICTORIACHERII15 for $15 off your purchase!   Thank you so much for reading! Have an amazing day! Outfit details are  below!

Shop My Outfit: Fur Jacket, Leather Skirt, Cropped Sweater, Glasses, Watch, Boots


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