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Self Love!

Hello babes!! It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve been able to post! Life has been absolutely crazy! I have been so excited for this post because this is my all time favorite outfit I’ve ever put together! To tell you the truth when taking this photo I felt a little uncomfortable. It was a busy day at the Plaza and super hot. I felt like I didn’t look cute and everyone was staring at me. I began to feel a little self conscious.. I had sweated off my make up. I looked super boojue ofcourse. Lol. BUT when I got these pictures back I felt so empowered! I was shocked I looked as good as I did! It was a nice surprise. Now when I look at this photo I use it as inspiration and tell myself 3 key things: you’re beautiful, you’re a boss, and you can do anything you set your mind to with God behind you! Just a little reminder to stop being so hard on myself!!

I spent the entire last year focusing on self love because I feel like It’s so important. If you don’t love yourself you can’t love anyone else. Cliche I know but it’s true! I even started to think of the saying “when you look good you feel good.” So I would get up everyday with a positive mindset even if I didn’t want to. I would spend time putting on make up, doing my hair, and throwing on something I was excited to wear.  It would instantly change my mood! The key is doing things you enjoy and you will feel good! I automatically felt more positive and happy! The littlest things can make a huge difference. Embrace who you are and love the way God made you and who you are becoming!

I started loving me. Yes there will be someone prettier, or smarter, or whatever else you can think of BUT they are not you. Not one person is the same and that is beautiful. I started loving the person I was and made myself a better me. Once I started to do this, my life changed forever.

We as women need to encourage each other more and compliment each other more!! Do more things to uplift and empower us and we need to stick together! I know I sound preachy right now but I’m all about this subject! If I can encourage just one person from this post then I will feel accomplished!

Okay…..now, let’s talk about my outfit! I’ve had some messages about where I got the red jacket I’m wearing and surprisingly it was only $22 from Forever 21! I’ve found so many great fashion pieces this summer from there and they have been good quality so far! I have been really skeptical to shop there in the past but seriously they have majorly stepped up there fashion game! The jeans I have on are my favorite jeans! I’ve talked about them before they are from the Buckle and they are the brand LEVI! They come up high on the waist and are slim through the thigh so I had to go up a size to 26 when I’m normally do a size 25! Everything I’m wearing is linked below! Thanks for reading loves! XO Victoria



Shop My look:

Levi 721 High Rise Skinny jeans

Crepe Drape-Front Jacket

Calvin Klein Cropped T-Shirt

Steve Madden Friday Heel (similar option)


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