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Crochet top and distressed jeans!

Happy Saturday friends! I haven’t posted a blog post in a whole week and I am totally having blogging withdrawls. I have been so excited to share this post with you! I had so much fun with this shoot, but I’ll tell you a little secret. It was 34 degrees outside, YAH!! I was freezing cold! The great thing is you can’t tell! I have absolutely no idea how but thank the good Lord above. I am seriously day dreaming of the day I wake up and it is 70 degrees outside with not a cloud in sight. But any who, this post today makes me so excited for warm weather!

I am absolutely in love with the detail on this shirt!!! The big flowy sleeves and the crochet detail is what sold me on it. I have bought so many shirts with these kinds of sleeves lately and I can’t stop! It is by the brand Free People and it is amazing! I buy a lot of Free People; it is one of my favorite brands. If you’ve read my other posts then you’ve seen me post about the brand multiple times. You get what you pay for. The brand isn’t cheap and it is great quality!!

Now, let’s talk denim and shoes! These jeans are my favorite!!! They are a mid-rise so they come up high on the waist and they are very stretchy. They are the brand Kancan and usually the only brand of jeans I buy!!! The store Buckle has an amazing selection of this brand and they are the reason I fell in love with them in the first place. My favorite part about them is the distressed hem. This trend is huge right now and I’ve been seeing it everywhere. My shoes were $32 at target and you will see me wearing them probably every day of my life. If you wanna shop this look babes the links are below!






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