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Spring/Summer essentials with Grace Anderson!

Hello Lovlies! Today I am doing a collab with a blogger that I absolultely love!! Her name is Grace Anderson and she is amazing! She has great style and awesome style advice so make sure you go check out her blog for our post we did together on www.styleandgracie.com

The post today is going to talk about a couple of staple things we think you need for spring and summer!

1. Rompers!!!!

I never thought that I could do a romper, it is something I missed out on for so long because I would try to get my normal size which is a small and things would just be too tight! I have a lot of curves and if I’m being honest my butt would look too big and I couldn’t feel comfortable. So, the best tip I could give you is to go up a size or two!!! It works, trust me!!!! After years of missing out I finally just tried it and it worked! Now I can’t stop buying rompers. It makes the bottom half more flowy and gives you enough room up top to be able to move around.

2. Floppy Hats and Cool Sunnies!

This is my favorite spring/summer essential! Floppy hats make every outfit look put together and they are great if you are in a hurry in the morning and don’t have time to do your hair!! Just throw on a floppy hat and your fav sunglasses and you automatically look put together ! I don’t think I could live without either one of these. They are staples in my summer wardrobe.

3. Platform Shoes.    

I love that these are making a come back! Nothing is better than a good platform shoe. Whether it be a wedge, sandal, tennis shoe.. you name it! I Love it all! They look so trendy on everyone and make any outfit look that much more stylish! THESE ARE EVERYWHERE right now! Every shoe brand has a version of this !! It is something everyone is going to want to be wearing by the time it’s warm enough for sandals! My goal is to have one in every color! If you all want to shop our looks Click the links below!!





  1. Melissa
    March 23, 2018 / 4:41 am

    Beautiful thanks for sharing ladies

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