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Breaking The Rules!

So I know people say not wearing white after Labor day is “supposedly” a rule but never one I abide by!! I wear white all year round, this look I have on is more of a street style inspired look. Of course, I live in the midwest and so the fashion world here is not as big as like New York or LA but I still try to do some cool things with my outfits! Since this look is pretty casual I added my fav booties to give it some glam. Don’t feel like you cant rock white whenever you want to, sis because you absolutely can!!!

I’m wearing white on white because I love this trend and I don’t see many people wearing it! I think the key is to keep it super simple. You can add in statements with your jewelry, your shoes, or even adding a layer or two. It gives such a clean look. I use to be afraid to wear white because I felt like it made my thighs and hips look bigger, at the time it wasn’t something I felt comfortable with. That was before I found these jeans!!! They are Calvin Klein, high rise, and absolute amazingness. Take risks with your style and express yourself! I tied this flannel around my waist and added a denim jacket just to make it more casual and a little more realistic to wear out just as an every day outfit! If you’re wanting to shop this look check out the links below! XO,



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